Eremo delle Carceri

History, nature and culture

The 'mystical' environment at the centre of the Umbrian Valley, home of Franciscanism. Mount Subasio separates and at the same time links the historic centres of Assisi, Spello, Nocera Umbra and Valtopina, as a unifying element of the landscape.

History, nature and culture merge in Subasio and Assisi, whose historic core is located in the park, constitutes its natural gateway.

The park is made up of the mountain system that takes its name from the mountain of the same name, perhaps the most famous in Umbria, which rises almost isolated at the southern end of the chain, bordering the Valle Umbra to the north and dominating the wide valley and hillside landscape from its 1290 metres of height.

Mount Subasio is the 'Monte de Assisio' because Assisi and its mountain live reciprocally in a sort of symbiosis that has been handed down since ancient times and that, through the centuries, has strengthened and taken root.

The entire historic centre of Assisi is included in the Park and characterises its natural and historical-cultural values, so much so that the Protected Natural Area could indifferently be called 'Assisi Park'.

Since the 10th century B.C., Subasio has taken on a character of sacredness and mysticism for the Umbrian populations and these elements of spirituality were strengthened and characterised with Saint Francis and the presence of his monastic order. The Canticle of the Creatures is, in fact, an extraordinary document of admiration and love for nature and Mount Subasio.

The park area also contains villages, fortresses, bridges, fountains, churches, sanctuaries, monasteries, abbeys, oratories and shrines that increase the historical and architectural value of the area. The succession of all these small but important works, set in a context with a strong agricultural and rural connotation, represents one of the major tourist attractions of the area.

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