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Permanent Exhibition of Geo-Paleontology

Permanent Exhibition of Geo-Paleontology

The Permanent Exhibition of Geo-Paleontology, located inside the Mount Subasio Park in Assisi, is divided into three halls: the first tells the story of geological eras and the processes by which a fossil can be formed, through the display of fossils from different parts of the world; the second hall has Mount Subasio as its theme, with rocks and fossils from the area; the third, recently inaugurated, deals with various themes, some of which are very suggestive.

The exhibition was set up to promote the cultural, geological and palaeontological heritage of Monte Subasio, a mountain made up of limestone rocks of marine origin, which evokes a very different landscape from the one we see today. Three studies were carried out and exhibited on the limestone and marly rocks of the Umbro-Marchigiana succession, with a focus on the ammonites of the Corniola and Rosso Ammonitico. These are fossils of cephalopod molluscs that lived about 180 million years ago (Lower Jurassic). They are limestone models of shells used by geologists for dating rocks; in other words, they represent very precise clocks for European Jurassic rocks (Guide Fossils).

The Permanent Exhibition of Geo-Paleontology is located in Località Cà Piombino (Assisi) and offers schools, families and groups an educational offer characterised by guided tours and workshops to discover fossils and rocks.

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