Discovering Mount Subasio
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Discovering Mount Subasio

An itinerary on horseback to discover the Mount Subasio Park

Leaving from the locality of Gabbiano (Assisi) we ascend on a gravel road, then, immersed in the woods of hornbeams and oaks, we pass a plateau from where we can enjoy a magnificent panorama of the city of Assisi and the southern slope of Mount Subasio.

After reaching the locality of la Baita, there will be the possibility of stopping at Madonna della Spella, giving the horses a chance to rest. The place lends itself to possible refreshment. From this position one can admire the Monte di Pale, which dominates the Colfiorito plateau and Gualdo Tadino. After resting, we return along various paths through the forest to return to the stables.

For further information, please contact Claudio Fabrizi of the National Equestrian Tourism Association: tel. +39 075 8064280